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RULE # 1 - Correctly plumb your pneumatic system from the beginning!

PNEUMATIC LAW # 1 - Pneumatic systems need clean dry air to function efficiently.

A correctly plumbed pneumatic system not only prolongs pneumatic equipment, but conserves air, and saves your company $$ .

The first two key elements involved in attaining a correctly plumbed pneumatic system are to have well maintained compressor and a properly sized air dryer.

A. Slope down piping in the direction of the air flow. Recommended slope is about 1%.

B. Run piping overhead, at an elevation higher than machines being supplied.
C. Loop each line drop to minimize any water that may accumulate in the line from flowing down into a pneumatic component.
D. Precede every machine devise with a filter-regulator-lubricator unit.
E. Water cooled compressor aftercoolers are recommended for pneumatic systems having 50 HP and higher.

Three Helpful Pneumatic Engineering Guides

These guides are perfect for both the beginner as well as the expert in pneumatics.
This handy refrence guide walks the pneumatic reader through extensive information regarding air quality issues and basic operations of filters, regulators, and drains. It even has a detailed filter troubleshooting section.
The only valve guide you will ever need. Valve Circuit Guide covers everything from basic valve operation to extensive valve applications. Pictures are detailed and easy to understand.
This great guide provides excellent information regarding air pressure formulas, conversion tables, flow charts, valve sizing, and pneumatic symbols. A must for anyone who works with fluid power.
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